Easy Snack Recipes

Easy Snack Recipes

Snacks are mission critical for healthy eating, since most humans need to eat about every 3 to 4 hours! Having easy snack recipes makes it cheaper, healthier, & faster to get the nutrition you need between meals.

Building a Better Snack

Why Snacks Matter

We need healthy snacks for…

  • maintaining energy throughout your day
  • recovering more quickly after workouts
  • maintaining a normal, healthy metabolism
  • having an emergency back-up if your day gets hectic and you can’t sit down for a full meal

Why Your Snack Needs Protein & Fat

It’s super helpful to eat snacks that contain protein because protein helps stabilize blood sugar throughout the day.

A lot of us tend to eat just carbs at our snacks – think fruit, crackers, cereal, and those other easy-to-grab foods. When we do this, we tend to get a sharp increase then drop in our blood sugar, which in turns leads to hunger, cravings, and crankiness. The first graph below illustrates this “rollercoaster” effect.

Adding protein and fat to snacks helps smooth this curve, since these nutrients are digested more slowly. Check out the second graph below to see what I mean! Your snacks still need carbs (these provide quick energy), but they need the balance of the other two macronutrients as well.

Vegan, vegetarian, or dairy-free? Check out the plant-based version of this article!

Chart that shows how protein and other nutrients affect blood sugar levels
How different nutrients affect our bodies. Source: Gestational Diabetes UK.

Protein-Rich Easy Snack Recipes

  • Nuts/seeds + a fruit
    • Nut ideas: peanuts, cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, mixed nuts, etc.
    • Seed ideas: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds (or pepitas)
    • Fruit ideas: grapes, cherries, pear, apple, banana, berries, orange, 2-3 clementines/mandarins, etc.
  • Whole-grain tortilla + almond butter + banana
  • Instant oatmeal + peanut butter powder (or normal peanut butter) + chia seeds + cinnamon
  • Store-bought bars: Luna, RX, + KIND
  • Homemade bars: 3 Ingredient PB / PB + Quinoa / many more recipes online!
  • Energy balls
  • Trail mix
  • Quesadilla (tortilla + cheese + black beans + salsa –> microwave or bake)
  • Mini-pizzas (mini bagels or pita + sauce + cheese + toppings –> bake)
  • Rice cakes + normal pesto or vegan pesto + hemp seeds
  • Crispy Roasted Chickpeas
  • Edamame + sesame seeds + soy sauce (can buy frozen and steam in microwave at home)
  • Cucumbers slices + hummus + olives
  • Yogurt + topping (high protein cereal like Kashi Go Lean, frozen cherries, chocolate chips, etc.)
  • Lentil salad
  • Smoothie (ensure there’s some protein in there so you’re not just drinking a “juice” – you can get this through nut butter, milk (dairy/soy/hemp/pea), yogurt, or protein powder)
  • Almond butter dates
  • Hot chocolate or chocolate milk
  • A cup of quinoa porridge topped with sunflower seed butter and maple syrup
  • Flavored tuna packet (like Tuna Creations) + whole-wheat crackers   
  • Egg Cups
  • Egg & Quinoa Muffins (dairy-free option: substitute goat cheese, a vegan cheese, or just omit cheese)
  • Hard-boiled egg + salt/pepper
  • Guacamole + hemp seeds + sliced bell pepper
  • Avocado chicken salad + crackers
Easy snack ideas you can make at home, like toast with toppings
Easy snack recipes you can make at home!

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