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Women receive so many confusing messages about how we are supposed to eat.

We help women find a peaceful relationship with food so they know what their bodies need to feel healthy

Grace Goodwin Dwyer


Dietitian in Nashville / Virtual Dietitian


Cultivate a Peaceful Relationship with Food

Navigate your way to recovery from disordered eating, emotional eating, and anxiety or stress with food

Prepare for Pregnancy

Empower yourself preconception and prenatally with healthy strategies so you can bring a healthy baby into the world.

Thrive postpartum and beyond

Find balance and take care of yourself as you take care of the other little ones in your life.

Balance your gut and hormonal health

See how focusing on food can help your periods, PCOS, menopausal transition, IBS, and other health concerns.

What People are Saying

What you’ll gain from

Our Work Together

Greater Confidence

Greater Confidence

…that you’re eating exactly what you need to feel your best.
Convenient Appointments

Convenient Appointments

…thanks to virtual as well as evening/weekend availability
Individualized Care

Individualized Care

…from working with an RD who can customize a plan based on your needs.
Support & Accountability

Support & Accountability

…from a provider who deeply cares and will walk with you through your journey!

Why Our Practice Loves

Intuitive Eating

Nutrition for Women with Grace Goodwin Dwyer embraces Intuitive Eating (IE) as its guiding philosophy. As a Registered Dietitian who uses IE strategies, Grace helps women reject a restrictive mindset and discover what what their bodies actually need. 


Here’s why:


Science Supports IE

If you’re shaking your head because Intuitive Eating sounds “woo woo,” it’s not! This approach is heavily backed by research, which shows that it’s physically as well as psychologically beneficial.

It’s the Last “(Non)-Diet” You’ll Ever Need

Intuitive Eating is not a diet. Instead, it’s a way of finding peace with food and eating what you actually need. One of its amazing features is that it’s incredibly sustainable. By learning to eat using Intuitive Eating principles, you can stop the harmful yo-yo dieting.

It Helps Nearly Everyone

Intuitive Eating is safe and effective for most people.

  • If you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, or postpartum, it can help you minimize stress and figure out exactly what you need to eat.
  • For food allergies or medical conditions that require a special diet, we can still use Intuitive Eating to guide your nutrition.
  • If you’re recovering from an eating disorder, Intuitive Eating can be a helpful part of your recovery with extra support from a Registered Dietitian