Nutrition Counseling


Exploratory Phone Call

15 min. | Complimentary

Get to know my practice and my approach. You can tell me your unique story and determine if I am the right fit for you!


Initial Session

75 min. | $150

At our our first meeting, we’ll take a deep dive into your history, identify what’s important to you, and game-plan how to help you reach your goals.

These sessions often evaluate:

  • Your medical history (both acute and chronic) and medications, and how that affects your nutrition status
  • Any supplements you’re taking, and how well these holistically fit your needs
  • Your typical eating patterns
  • Your relationship with food
  • Your relationship with your body
  • Your taste preferences and food values
  • Your short-term health goals
  • Your longterm health goals



Follow-Up Sessions

60 min. | $125

Ongoing individualized support to help you find your way.

These sessions typically involve:

  • Building on our initial findings to help you make your goals actionable
  • Checking in on changes and course-correcting as needed
  • Accountability
  • Reflection



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