Meal Planning

Remove the guesswork & decision fatigue behind “what’s for dinner…”


Each meal plan includes 4 x 1-week plans, with:


  • Meals & snacks (your preference how many) with easy, specific directions for preparation and storage.
  • A grocery list you can take to the store (or online) with exact quantities, to reduce waste and save time.
  • Expert customization to fit your exact needs.
    • For example:
      • “Free of” a food (nuts, dairy, gluten, etc.)
      • Vegan or vegetarian
      • High in specific nutrients (for prenatal, anemia, thyroid concerns, etc.)
      • Carb-balanced for gestational diabetes

Monthly investment: $125 individuals / $150 for couples / inquire about family rates


*Please complete at least one counseling session to be eligible for this service so that we can fully assess your needs and make a plan that fits you perfectly.