Q & A

So I might need nutrition help – how does this work?


First of all, YAY for taking care of yourself! Here’s how to get started:


  1. Book an Exploratory Phone ConsultationYou can get to know me, my approach, and how I can help you. If you’re already sure, you can skip this step!
  2. Book your Initial Nutrition Counseling Session. What does that entail?
    • When scheduling, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to meet in person or via video
    • Before we meet, you’ll receive a questionnaire ​that helps me learn about your history so that we can maximize our time together
  3. Continue with ​Follow-Up Nutrition Counseling Session with whatever frequency is a good fit for you.



What does nutrition counseling involve?

Sessions are tailored for exactly what YOU need. Most sessions involve a combination of: nutritional assessment, nutrition education, food-related behavioral therapy, and goal-setting.

For clients who are interested in meal plans, I offer those as a separate service. Meals plans are meant to empower the client with fun yet approachable recipe ideas and a handy grocery list. Meal plans do not involve calorie or macro counts.



Do you accept insurance?

I am an out-of-network provider, which means that the full fee for a service is due at the time of the appointment. I can provide you with documentation – a superbill – that you can submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. Reimbursement rates differ among insurance plans, so please check with your insurance company if you want to know exactly what they will cover.


What You Can Ask Your Insurance Company:
  • Do I have out-of-network benefits to see a registered dietitian?
    • You can provide these CPT codes to your insurance company representative: Dietitian: initial session 97802 and follow-up sessions: 97803
  • What percentage do you cover?
  • Is preauthorization required in order to submit an out-of-network claim
  • What is the deductible, and how much of the deductible have I met?
  • How many sessions are covered and within what time period?
  • What forms do I need to submit to qualify for reimbursement?



Can I pay with an HSA card?





Where do in-person sessions occur?

I see clients in multiple locations:​

For those who live farther or prefer virtual counseling, we can meet via HIPAA-compliant video conference.




What is a Registered Dietitian? And why see one?

This article says it well. But in short, registered dietitians (RDs or RDNs) are the gold-standard nutrition providers. We have the only nutrition credential that makes us healthcare providers with reimbursable services (see above!). Our coursework covers metabolism, biochemistry, sociology, psychology, public health, and culinary science (among many other topics), so we know nutrition from the inside out! In our over 1200+ hours of supervised hands-on training we work on care teams with physicians, nurses, and other clinicians. Plus, we pass a rigorous national exam. All of this is to make sure we give our patients the best possible care.




How do tele-health (video) sessions work?

Virtual sessions involve the same counseling and billing that in-person visits do. This is a great option if you live outside of the Nashville area or simply prefer the convenience. I value your privacy so I conduct video sessions through a HIPAA-friendly software. After you book an appointment at my “video office,” I will send you a link that you can follow to log-in to the video chat at the time of our appointment. Feel free to do this anywhere (pajamas are welcome), so long as the noise around you is low enough so that we can hear each other well!




Might you have a military discount?

Yes! I’m a proud Army spouse and want to support other families in service. If you are active-duty military or married to someone who is, please contact me before you book for special reduced pricing.